Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Truth about Tony Robbins

Hi! I'm glad you made it! Welcome. I am already getting a little negative energy pointed my way for giving the big thumbs up to Tony Robbins. I have found those who are critical of him are not really familiar with his work or think it is just not possible for people to quickly and easily make dramatic improvements in their quality of life useing such simple methods. I feel sorry for people who cling to the belief that change is a long, slow, drawn out, painful process, that gives limited rewards.

 I understand that this is their reality and I have no right to tell them it is any more or less valid than my own but I am glad I have lost that belief system as it was not working for me.

If you don't feel like buying the book, that's ok. If you stick around my channel and my blog, most of the stuff will come out anyway to the best of my ability considering I do respect copywrite law. I think he just says it better that's all.

Either way I am wishing you lot's of love as always and am sending my super mind power wammy your way so you can have a great day with extra good luck. More later. Jody.

If what I am doing here and on youtube is helpful to you and you would like to donate, that would be very nice. Thanks either way. Love Jody.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Relax You Are Loved!

Hello! Welcome!

 If I seem excited that is because I am! This is my first blog.

 Please forgive me if this is incomplete or incorrect. I am going to have to give myself alot of permission to be human wile I figure out all the details of how to do this.

 Just to put something here while I work on this, I thought I would explain some of the little catch fraises you might have heard me use if you are familiar with my work.

Hope and Giggles: This whole thing is what I would call "The Hope and Giggles Project". The hope part comes if you realise you can change the structure, function, and chemistry of your own brain to change virtually every aspect of your life for the better. Giggles because the quicker you can start laughing the quicker you will heal. Happy, healthy people laugh alot and don't take themselves or anything else too seriously. Children laugh several hundred times per day. What happened to us? Nothing that can't be fixed.

Relax, You are loved: This is home base. When your predominant state of being is relaxed and knowing you are loved, there isn't much you can't overcome. Everything just get easier.

You want to go to sleep: Of course you do. This is why most of you have showed up. Insomnia is a horrible thing to have happen. It can ruin the quality of your life. I hope you don't mind if while I help you go to sleep, or at least feel warm, loved, and comfortable while you can't, I throw in some positive suggetions that can improve the quality of your life.

Please be patient with this wile I learn how to have a rockin' cool wedsite.
Till then sweet dreams, love always, Jody.