Tuesday, February 21, 2012


*Disclaimer: This is not a rigorous research project carried out by qualified professionals. The information provided is for entertainment purposes only.

4 ASMR information videos.
My own comments are not included nor is the information from them presented below.

Onset: Age of first experience:
16 reported early onset. Less than school aged.
4 reported mid range onset. School aged.
2 reported late onset. Adulthood.
7 people don't know if they have it or not.

Discovery: When did person learn what ASMR was and that it had a name:
3 reported over a year ago.
10 reported less than a year ago.
10 reported while watching the video they were commenting on.

Prevalence: How common do you think ASMR is?
5 people thought no one had it but them.
2 people thought it was rare.
5 people thought some people have it and some people don't.
4 people thought most people have it.
10 people said everyone has it.
1 person doesn't know.

Attitudes: How do you feel about your ASMR?
9 people thought it was cool.
10 people thought it was amazing and loved it.
8 people thought it made them weird.
11 people thought it was interesting.
1 person thought it was best not to try to understand it but to just enjoy it.

Linked Traits: What characteristics are common to people with ASMR?
11 people reported being creative.
16 people reported having synesthesia.
4 people said they did not have synethesia.
5 people reported having mysphonia.
4 people said they had directional difficulties.
4 people reported left/right confusion.
2 people said they had worse than average memory.
1 person reported having a photographic memory.
2 people said they were good at math.
3 people said they suck at math.
1 person said she suffers from severe headaches.

Cause: Why do you have ASMR?
1 person believes it starts as a baby being touched and spoken to softly.
3 people believe it is created by your state of mind.
1 person said it was hereditary.
1 person said it was not hereditary.

Social/Emotional issues:
7 people reported difficulties relating to others.
8 people reported problems with depression and anxiety.
2 people reported seeing depression and anxiety disorders in other people with ASMR.
3 people reported social sanctions when disclosing their ASMR. ( dirty looks and/or insults)
2 people reported distress/confusion about their ASMR.

6 Teachers
1 Unboxing videos.
2 Whispers
1 Painting
1 Mother inspecting work.
12 Soft voices.
2 Textures.
2 Bubble wrap. (1 doesn't need it to pop)
5 Hair
2 Sound of scissors
6 Sound of paper
5 Sound of typing
1 Sound of video game controller.
2 Sound of fingernails.
1 Busy tone.
11 Sound of writing.
2 Massage videos.
2 Show and tell.
3 Watching someone draw.
9 Soft touch. (7 to the back of the neck)
5 Watching methodical tasks. (1 nervous hands)
1 Smells
2 Instructional videos.
1 Boxed crayons.
3 Sound of high heels.
6 Accented speech.
6 Billiard balls.
2 Girl next door.
1 Scratchy sounds.
2 Filling out form about listener/watcher.
1 Softly spoken eye exam.
1 Watching students set a clock.
1 Music
3 My ASMR information videos.
1 Close ups
1 Makeovers.
1 Vacume/ blowdryer.

Other Effects: Other than tingling, relaxation, and joy, what effects does ASMR have on you?
4 Makes me sleepy/drowsy.
4 Stress relief
1 Headache relief
1 Sexual enhancement.
4 This is not sexual.

How Much? How often do you experience ASMR and how intense is your experience?
2 " I only experience ASMR occasionally."
1 "I experience ASMR often"
4 Reported their experience as intense.
1 Reported mild ASMR.
3 Said their ASMR has faded or diminished over time.
4 People reported an extreme relaxation response to ASMR triggers without the tingles.

ASMR Research:
8 Expressed a need for more research.
2 Said they were going to research this themselves.
4 People noted researching ASMR would help us all understand more about the human brain.

Personal Comments:
1 person said he would get back to me when he woke up two and a half months ago.
2 people think my lava lamps are cool.
1 person has a channel called "whisper deeply"
22 people thanked me or said something nice about me. (thank you)
1 person said there is an ASMR group on facebook. (I couldn't find it and hear it is shut down)
3 people said I was not lame and/or funny.
1 person recommended Lita's massage videos.
1 person recommended soundsculptures videos.
1 person doesn't like scientology.
2 people like my cat.
1 person requested a soft spoken sleep hypnosis video. (I have a couple but I'm not sure they are that great)
3 people don't like my daughter's voice.
Lozasmr has asmr videos. 1 is a whispered info vid.
1 person said I rubbed him the wrong way and told me 6 times using aprx. 500 characters per time.

Thank you all so much for your imput and if you keep the info coming in, I will be happy to circulate it.
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