Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within Honest Review

  Why this book? I prefer to simply share my experience, rather than try to sell you something. I consider the fact that you are reading this right now evidence that proves you are a smart person, because only smart people pay attention to me. You are an intelligent person with good judgement, so I will tell what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now, and leave you to make your own decisions.

  I was in pretty rough shape...

  I had been lying on my couch for about six days. Even the smallest movements caused a thousand needle sharp shards of pain to shoot through every fiber of every muscle, every bone, joint, and every cell of any other body part or organ I was unfortunate enough to be inhabiting at the time. At the end of the sofa was a television. It was left on the community channel 24/7 so I could watch the clock. On the rare occasions I slept for more than ten minutes at a time, I was claiming victory. I'd given up going to doctors with this where nothing was done, and I was treated as if I was faking. Being in need of a disability check can cause people to become suspicious.

  I figured I was dieing and was perplexed at why it was taking me so long. I had heard a body cannot survive more than three days without food or water. This was day six, so I gave up on dieing.

  I felt I was getting past the worst of it. This wasn't my first bout, so I knew that they passed. The pain, shaking, and weakness on my right side would remain, but not so bad that I couldn't stand up and take a few steps.

  Across the living room was the computer my teen children had promised me free housework for life to buy. The last of the precious money I had from when I was working went on the purchase. It was worth it to hear them say they would help me clean the house.

  When I was working, I considered the computer a waste of time best left to the children, but considerable time couch ridden in the same room as them had taught me enough to know how google something. I liked the YouTube videos they showed me.

  I went to YouTube because I wasn't going to be able to sit up for long, and thought it might be nice to listen to something helpful while lying down. I searched "help me" and saw many versions of the Beatles song. That wasn't going to do it for me.

  This is when I laughed at myself for remembering Tony Robbins in the movie Shallow Hal, and how he was the guy who could fix everyone's problems. I thought he was a joke. I needed a good laugh, so I searched Tony Robbins.

  I watched a couple of short videos from the eighties and managed a chuckle. Like seriously, this goofy guy was going to solve my impossible situation? Lol, okay, I needed to get back to the couch. I found a long one, "Tony Robbins Seminar in Japan". I clicked on it and limped back to the sofa.

  After lying there for a time, some of what he had to say was starting to make sense. I thought about how I had already tried every pill, therapy, twelve step program, and alternative medicine healing thing I could find, and I had given up thinking there was any help for me. Why not try this? What do I have to lose? I'm bored silly anyway, and my body refuses to die, so why not let this duffus entertain me?

  I naturally began studying NLP (neuro linguistic programming) as this was what Tony had studied, and fell in love with the idea that maybe all of my problems were being caused by my own poorly programed brain. I taught myself to walk again, without a limp. I quit drinking. My health improved. For the first time in a long time I felt hopeful.

  I wanted more so I googled Tony, called the number I found, and asked how much to buy one of his programs. It was over three hundred dollars. I told the nice young man on the other end of the line I didn't have that kind of money. I was surprised at how easy going he was about it and offered no sales pitch.

  He just said "That's okay. If you go to your local book store and buy a copy of Awaken the Giant Within, that'll tell you anything you need to know."

  It cost me $20 Canadian, that was $16 US, and it was a good deal. It's a big book, with over 500 pages of good advice, useful information,  inspiring stories, and little exercises you can do. I didn't follow everything to the letter, because I'm just not like that, but there was plenty in there for me to think about and do. I'm not too fond of his dieting advice, but I do pay attention to what I eat now, knowing healthy food is the best fuel.

  Another thing I really like about this book is the best quotes are written in bold. When I was in detox, and my eyesight was too poor to see fine print, I was able to go through the whole book, reading only the parts I could see.

   It's on my coffee table right now. I can see "The past doesn't equal the future" and "All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs". This is just from where the book fell open. Now that I have it out, I think I will read the bold print parts again. It's very inspiring. Seven years later and I'm still referring back to it from time to time.

    I checked in with myself at the one year point. I was still broke but I was certainly more successful than I was, I was happy, and I wasn't dying anymore.

  I learned success isn't just about money. Money is good, but so is health, relationships, self esteem, contribution, and happiness.

  Today Mr. Robbins isn't such a huge part of my life anymore. I learned all that could be useful, then moved on to other teachers to find out what they have that works. Quite frankly, I'm not that thrilled with what Tony's up to today. I think his old stuff is better. Awaken the Giant Within is, in my humble opinion, his best work.

  My life is not yet perfect. I still have a little bit of fibromyalgia and essential tremor left over, but nothing compared to what it once was. I have regained full use of the right side of my body. I am sober. I live in a lovely little cottage by the beach, a vast improvement over the where I once lived. I have a loving relationship with my family. I have a YouTube channel that helps a lot of people. I like myself. I'm not wealthy, after some changes at YouTube I'm still earning slightly less than my monthly expenses, but I'm certainly better off than I was, my income is slowly increasing,  and I am feeling hopeful about the future. If you do buy a copy of this book, I will earn a small commission and this would be very helpful.

  I highly recommend Awaken the Giant Within, not just to those who are in a terrible place, but to anyone who would like to enjoy more success in anything they would like to be successful in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The 5 Fs of Anxiety: Fight Flight Freeze Feed and Fornicate

Are You Sure You Know What Anxiety Really Is?

   I'm often surprised when I talk to people about their anxiety, and they have a good grasp of what their symptoms are, but they don't seem to know much about what is causing them.  Some may already know it is their anxious thoughts, but that is only part of the equation.    The physical symptoms of anxiety are caused by a misguided fight or flight response.  It's instinct.  If we were animals we may be stuck this way, but we are lucky to be human and able to use our knowledge and will to retrain our instincts.  This is a good thing because I don't think any of us would like to be stuck with anxiety forever.

   Before I go further, I would like to rename the fight or flight response to the five Fs; fight, flight, freeze, feed, and fornicate.  Please allow me to explain further.

   Most people with anxiety recognize the flight response first. They become fearful and avoid or leave situations.

   A lot of people with anger management issues don't realize their outbursts of temper are really anxiety attacks.

   I think freeze is easy enough to understand, if you have ever been expected to speak in front of a crowd, only to have your mouth refuse to move.  Ever gone quiet, afraid to speak or move in a social situation?  Freezing can be mistaken for depression.  Someone is so afraid of failure, the just stay still and do nothing at all.

   Feeding is easy to spot if you are prone to anxiety eating, but I'm also going to throw most addictions into this basket.  There once was a time, long, long ago when it was a good survival mechanism to load up on food if the future looked uncertain.  Today this can manifest itself as the need to satisfy any hunger, whether it be natural or substance induced.

   I've been laughed at for mentioning this last one.  I'm sticking to my guns.  I've seen it over and over, and lived it a few times myself.  If you were an evolving human many thousands of years ago, in an unsafe environment, wouldn't it make good sense to mate?  Sex forms strong instinctive bonds. People would fight or even die for the right mate. Wouldn't that up your chances of survival? Nowadays this can show up as getting into bad relationships, promiscuity, sex addiction, relationship addiction, inability to be single, hyper dependence, excessive jealousy, possessiveness, and all manner of other romantic problems.

   It's helpful to know what your instinctive reactions are. Do you get angry, afraid, depressed, addicted, fall in love with the wrong person, or engage in sexual activity you are not very happy about?  If you just answered "all of the above", that's okay, you are not alone.  Once you have spotted your instinctive anxiety reactions, you can be happy you have this higher mind and will.  This is what you have to start making those changes you would like to make.

  You can trade in your insecure thoughts for secure ones, and practise this ahead of time, so it becomes habit.  You can also pay attention to your body and feel these visceral responses, as they occur, and learn how to not only think a more secure thought, but take control of your physiology, by consciously breathing slow, deep, and even, like a relaxed person would breathe.  Consciously relaxing your stomach muscles, and some other ones as well, like your hands.  Consciously use your will to direct your muscles, on the outside also. "I use my will to direct my muscles to get up and..." or "I use my will to direct my muscles to sit down and....." please fill in the blanks with what you think is the next right thing to do, or that thing you are about to do but know you shouldn't. If you would like to have fun with this, you can think of your will as your own magic super power. "With my almighty will I command my muscles to move me out of bed and towards the kitchen!" Once you are in the kitchen, you may have a maniacal laugh, like you are about to take over the world. If you are able to laugh and be a little silly, you get x1000 extra bonus speed points towards your recovery.

Remember you are in charge now. Sit, stand, and walk like a confident person. It sends a message to yourself you've got this. It takes time and patience to retrain an anxiety response. Think of yourself as a loving parent to yourself. You will be kind, not push too hard, and not let yourself totally off the hook either. You will love yourself, expect setbacks, but be ready to regroup and try something a little easier next time. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember the payoff. Freedom to comfortably live your life how you choose, and become who you were really meant to be.

  This video is here just in case you have never tried sleep hypnosis for anxiety. It is another thing you can try to help you learn to calm down, relax, and feel good, while you go to sleep, and after you get up as well.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some Very Important Questions You Need To Answer About Your Depression

Before, after, or if you listen to this recording, you may like to ask yourself these very important questions about your depression. I found these extremely helpful on my journey out of the darkness and into the light. I've heard you have to name it to tame it, and keeping track of your progress can give you the important feedback you need to know what's working for you, and what is best left behind.

So here are the questions; How often? How long? How deep or severe? and How much damage are you doing to yourself and others while it is happening? (I know, that last one is a toughy, but please do not despair, it has a happier answer than you may think.

Back in the day, I would have answered these questions this way. Almost all of the time, for several years, I've lost the will to live, the only thing keeping me alive is I don't want the kids to see the body, and I'm drinking myself to death, ruining my health, and traumatizing my children. Ouch! That was painful. I'm so glad that is so long gone behind me, but I needed to say it to illustrate how bad things can get. If you do answer these questions honestly, and you don't have to right now if it is too painful, you can wait till you are feeling better, because then it will be more encouraging, because you will have made some progress, please know this is your bottom, your pivot point, where you turn around, and sometimes two steps forward and one back, start going in a new and exciting direction.

If you are waiting to feel better before you take your self assessment, you could just do it this way for now. You can answer these questions as if you have already gotten past your depression and are living a happy and productive life. If you do, as you answer the questions, try to feel the way you would feel if this were true for you today. Your brain chemistry is not very good at telling the difference between what is real or imagined so this is an excellent way to reward yourself in advance for all of the good things you are about to do.

Here are my answers for today. About once every six months, for a few hours, it sits on the surface like a feeling of restless discontent, and I very quickly notice this is how I am feeling and take steps to put myself straight that are of great benefit to myself and others. Yay! That's certainly much more fun.

There are people in the world who are genetically programed for joy and will be happy in any situation, and then there are the rest of us, who have to work at it. That's okay. It can be happy, fun work, an exciting adventure into your own mind, body, and spirit. Winning is good, and you can win.

This first video for self healing help is what I hope to be the first of many that will provide a cohesive system of self help that will help you change the answers to the before mentioned questions so you too can be free. I would like to include sleep hypnosis videos, because they are a good idea, but also short morning meditations, things you can listen to in the daytime while doing other things, and maybe even a workbook where you can track your progress, and try out exercises to see which ones work best for you. I also might include some fun little bits to fluff, here and there, to lighten up the mood.

I'm very excited about this. It feels like a new direction to me, as I remember the time many years ago when I shouted out to I-don't-know-what "If I ever get free of this, I will dedicate my life to making sure no other human being ever has to feel what I am feeling right now." Lofty goal, to be sure, so for now I will just keep climbing the mountain with you, one step at at a time, and know if one person feels even a little bit better, I'm having a great day.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Why Bother With Downloads?

The most obvious answer is it is a cheap, easy way to have one of my recordings available to you, commercial free, any time you would like, or anywhere you have something to play it on. If you don't like this idea, that's perfectly okay, I'll still be making my recordings available for free on YouTube for as long as they will let me. They're pretty happy with me right now, so I'm guessing that will be for a long time.
  Another good reason why you may like to purchase one of these inexpensive recordings is the vast majority of this revenue goes to me, and I use this money to take care of my expenses, like pay off the credit card bill for the mini home recording studio setup I just bought, so you can enjoy better quality sound. If you are reading this right now, you are probably helping me with this, and I thank you, because I'm having so much fun learning to use this new toy. I spend many, many hours listening to my own sound as I'm editing, and I also like to listen while I fall asleep sometimes too. I know I'm much happier hearing this nicer new sound. I'm sure a few others will feel the same way.
  I have included a link in this post to buy my newest recording, Sleep Hypnosis for Depression Self Healing Help, from the CDBaby music store. I've been dealing with them for years and like this company. (unpaid endorsement) If downloads aren't your thing, or you would like to hear the whole thing first to make sure you like it,  you can listen to this on YouTube for free, in a few days.


Thanks so much to my followers, and if any of you feel helpful, you could let me know in the comments exactly how I go about following you back, if you have a blog here. I'm slightly embarrassed to say I'm not completely comfortable with the interface here yet. lol,

Sunday, July 24, 2016

What Is Depression?

What is depression?
I would define it as happiness deficit disorder.
I don't think it makes much of a difference whether you have wet depression, where you cry, or dry depression, where you feel nothing at all and are emotionally dehydrated. Either way, you are not happy, and would probably like to feel better.
How did you get this way?
People can become depressed for a variety of reasons, and what made you this way is not as important as what you can do to feel better, but for curiosity sake, I'm going to talk about a few here.
First of all you probably have a hereditary predisposition towards depression, and if you think this is the case, please do not despair. No, seriously, don't, it will only make it worse. Some people are born to be happy go lucky individuals with a generally optimistic outlook, who don't stay down for too long if things don't go their way, and then there are the rest of us who have to work at it and learn how to be happy on purpose.
I am part of the latter group and can tell you first hand depression is no longer a problem for me and I am a happy person. I'm also not special. Millions of people have overcome this painful disorder and are living happy and productive lives today. You could be one of them.
You may also be depressed due to a trigger, like a loss or other bad thing that you didn't like. It showed up as a normal reaction, dug in, and stayed. Ouch. The good news is there are ways to become unstuck.
I also think some people become depressed because they have become bored. They have stopped growing, changing, reaching, achieving, and are stuck in a rut. A rut can be safe. It can also be slowly killing your soul. Anxiety can play a role in this. I will be addressing anxiety in future posts.
So what do you do about it?
There are lots of things that can be done and some of them I will not talk about here. I will not discuss medication because I'm not a doctor, I'm not qualified, and I don't know much about your individual situation. I am medication free, except for a very occasional St. John's wort, and I'll leave your choices about medication up to you.
I also can't tell you much about individual or group therapy. For some people this is a life saver, and for others it does more harm than good. My own experience was these helps seemed to want to focus more on disease than wellness, and feeling better was viewed with a jaundiced eye at best, discouraged somewhere in the middle, and at it's worst, I was angrily dumped by a therapist for getting well. You may have a better counsellor than this.
Addiction is also another topic, but I will add that once I was less depressed and had trusted tools for feeling better, I was able to quit drinking.
So what am I going to talk about?
I'm going to talk about the things I did to beat my depression and become a happy, relaxed, person who is having a really good time. I would like to talk about things like hypnosis, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy that works, not the kind that doesn't, things you can do for your physical brain to make it healthier so it can function at it's best, spirituality for people who believe in god, and spirituality for atheists, because they shouldn't miss out on the fun and shouldn't be forced to believe in something they don't to join in. This list can go on and on. Basically it's about anything I've found to work to help people feel better.
As you may have already guessed this little blurb I am writing is an introduction to the work I will be doing over the next several months. My statistics at YouTube, and the personal stories I have read at YT and at Facebook, all lead me to believe that putting together a cohesive system of help for depression, anxiety, self confidence, and emotional healing would be putting myself to my highest and best use.
It is my sincerest hope that you will come with me on this journey, taking and using what you find useful, and discarding that which is not for you. Wish me luck and I'm sending warm wishes you feel better soon if you are depressed, or continue to feel happy if that is where you are right now.
Peace out, love to all, bye for now.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Hypnosis Script

Sleep Hypnosis for Lucid Dreaming a Free Hypnosis Script

Welcome to sleep hypnosis for lucid dreaming. My name is Jody and I will be your guide for this experience. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible. Lying down on a bed or sofa would be ideal but if these comforts are not available to you right now, no worries, you can still practice your lucid dreaming skills sitting in a chair or sitting crossed legged on the floor. If you ordinarily meditate, your favourite meditation position will do just fine and you could use this hypnosis session as a guided meditation if you would like. If you are ready to start lucid dreaming right now or if you are practising for the next time you go to bed or take a nap either way you will be learning to train your mind and body to become used to slipping into a hypnagogic state at will so you can enjoy a healthy mind improving adventure in the world of your dreams where anything is possible.

First it is best to set our intentions for this time you have set aside to relax, enjoy, and improve your self and your sleeping experience. This session will be to practice and improve upon your ability to wake up in your dream and realise you are dreaming or remain awake while you slip into a dream. We will also do some work on control of your dream environment,  your enjoyment of it, and learning to free yourself to do whatever it is you would like to do while you are asleep.

Perhaps you would like to fly or perform other acts that defy this reality. As you lie as still as you possibly can without becoming uncomfortable or distressed, and you listen to the sound of my voice, at any time you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. You may follow this feeling into sleep if you would like or you may prefer to stay awake until this recording is over. Either one is the right choice. This time you have set aside is about you and your enjoyment of your dream experience so you may choose whatever feels best for you. If you do drift off to sleep and notice yourself dreaming you may look for dream signs. These are things that commonly happen in your dreams that are not likely or possible in your normal waking reality. Look for things that are unusual and defy normal logic. Being able to fly, melting hills, houses with multiple rooms for the same purpose, are examples of dream signs. We will talk more about dreams signs later. Right now it is time to relax, breath deeply and softly, and allow yourself to sink deeper into any reality you would like to find yourself in. If you are new to lucid dreaming it is best if you take a moment to remember some things you commonly dream about and choose something that is close to or the same as one of these dreams. If you don't ordinarily remember your dreams this is a good time to set your intentions to do so. This is a good time to make a mental note to remember and consider your dreams upon awakening. Keeping a dream journal is recommended and very helpful but if that seems like too much work that's OK  This is also a good time to completely relax and be as lazy as you would like to be. You don't even need to focus or concentrate on my words if you don't want to. You can lie still and just enjoy relaxing while listening to the sound of my voice without doing any mental work at all. You can breath deeply and softly becoming more and more relaxed with each breath and fully concentrate on how pleasant it feels to simply relax and leave all your troubles behind for a time. Right now there is nothing you need to do or take care of. There is nothing you need to concentrate on or figure out. You can allow your mind to just drift and wander if you would like. You can relax knowing soon you will be able to fly into whatever reality you would like.  As you feel yourself becoming more relaxed you can take note and remind yourself to remember your dreams.

You can remind yourself to to write down your dreams immediately upon awakening or you can simply remember to think about and consider your dreams when you wake up so you can store them in your waking memory. Whatever you think will work best for you is the right answer and right now there are no wrong answers. There is only this time for you to relax and enjoy how comfortable you are becoming as you sink a little deeper into relaxation with each deep soft slow cleansing breath. With each breath you are observing your body and feeling how relaxed it is becoming, feeling safe and secure. Ultimately you will be the one who is always in control of your experience. If at any time you feel, see, or hear anything unusual you can relax into whatever is happening knowing you are completely safe. If at any time you would like to break your trance and return to full waking awareness you can simple take a sharp, quick intake of breath and this will wake you up but for right now it is OK to just simply relax into whatever feelings present themselves and enjoy feeling your body falling asleep while you observe this wonderfully relaxing feeling.

As you start to fall asleep you can do so with the intention that you will lucidly dream. You have set your intention that you will be awake and aware while you are dreaming and you will be able to remember what this feels like. You may turn your attention to the muscles in your face and notice how they relax and settle. You forehead smooths and relaxes and all the little muscles around your eyes relax and release all tension.  Your cheeks relax, your jaw unclenches and may fall open a little bit as your lips are slightly parted. You can pay special attention to all the little muscles around your eyes and jaw and feel how they feel once they have let go of all the tension they were hanging on to and simply release it to wherever tension goes once it isn't needed any more. If you haven't already closed your eyelids you may want to do so now as you may notice they are becoming very warm, relaxed and heavy. So warm and heavy you may even feel them melting onto the tops of your cheeks. Just melting closed and feeling so relaxed. Behind your warm heavy eyelids your eyes are looking straight ahead at the backs of your closed eyelids to see whatever it is they see there. You may see specks of light, colours, or images and it is OK to just enjoy the show and find the little show projected onto the backs of your eyelids interesting. You don't need to push or make anything happen right now you can just relax and see what happens.

As you watch the back of you eyelids you may begin to dream. If you do you can look for dream signs. You could check out your body to see if there is anything different. Perhaps you could count your fingers. For some reason when people are dreaming they often have difficulty counting their fingers or coming up with the right number or fingers. When you are dreaming you can count your fingers or run a scan of your body to see if everything is the same as when you are awake, or you can just relax and allow your mind to drift and wander, drift and wander, deeper and deeper. If you are beginning to fall asleep that's OK.  You can just allow yourself to drift off to sleep if you would like. As you are just beginning to fall asleep you may hear some sounds. You may hear buzzing or vibrations. You could hear someone say your name. If you do hear sounds or voices, no worries, this is just yourself beginning to dream while you are awake and it is nothing to be afraid of. You can relax into this experience and listen to the voices knowing this is a good sign you are beginning to lucidly dream. Remember to stay conscious and alert to anything about your body that doesn't look normal, take note of what you observe, and remind yourself to remember what you have seen. If you have any unusual feelings in your body, like tingling, numbness, or vibrations, these too are signs you are entering the hypnagogic level of consciousness and you can relax and enjoy this feeling. These sensations can be very interesting and are no different than what happens to every person every time they fall asleep only you will be lucky enough to be awake to enjoy these feelings.

Any time during your day you can check things while you are awake to let yourself know these are your dream signs. You can count your fingers, flip a light switch, or look at the clock. These are things that often behave differently while you are dreaming and being in the habit of checking them when you are awake can help you know when you are dreaming. You could do this right now if you are still awake. You could imagine yourself counting your fingers. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and take note of how this looks while you are awake. If you are asleep and this exercise has an odd outcome you can take note of this and remind yourself to remember how this is when you are dreaming. You could see yourself flicking a light switch right now and see what happens, take note, and set your intention to remember what it is like to flick the light switch when you are awake or asleep. Now let's try looking at the clock. You can imagine the clock being any time you would like it to be. This can be any clock you would like. Imagine yourself looking at the clock and take note of the time. Now look away at something else for a moment and look back at the clock. If you're awake the logical part of your brain can give you a time that makes sense.  If you are sleeping, you might notice something unusual. Remember to choose these things to be your cues to let you know when you are dreaming.

If you are having an afternoon nap right now this is an ideal time to have a lucid dream. You may also set your alarm to wake you very early in the morning so you can go back to sleep at the hight of your REM cycle where your dreams are the longest. If you are going to bed for the night right now you can set your intention to wake up after you dream so you can commit your dream to your waking memory. If at any time you feel yourself becoming so relaxed you are drifting off to sleep you can imagine yourself spinning. You can imagine yourself standing in one spot and spinning round and round. As you are spinning round and round you can imagine yourself spinning into a dream you have had before or you have often. As you spin round and round you can imagine yourself stopping a little dizzy in any world you choose. If you are in a dream and want to stay in it or go deeper you can spin round and round and spin yourself deeper into the dream. If you notice yourself waking up you can will yourself back into sleep and spin around until you are back in your dream. You can learn how to prepare your mind to lucid dream right now. This is what you are doing right now. You are preparing your mind to fall asleep and be able to know when you are dreaming and be in control of your dreams.

As you lie here right now you are learning how to lucidly dream. You are very good at this and will learn quickly and easily. As you lie here right now you are preparing a plan for your sleep. You are preparing a  plan that will enable you to be fully aware of what is going on in your body and mind while you are asleep.  As you lie here right now you know you will be able to repeat this plan any time you are asleep and notice you are dreaming. You are relaxing and just letting your mind go as you are learning to gradually fall asleep without losing consciousness. While you are gradually falling asleep you may notice your breathing, how soft and relaxed it has become. You may breath the way you would breath if you were trying to convince someone you were completely asleep. Deep deep down in a very deep, still, restful sleep. You could breath the way you would breath if you were in the most deepest level of sleep anyone could be in. Completely still and peaceful.  As you drift off to sleep you can take note of any imagery you may see and perform your plan to remember your dream. You can remind yourself you are dreaming and know you will wake up when you choose to so you can write your dream down or simply consider it and commit it to your waking memory. You can check your fingers, a light switch, or a clock  to see if you are dreaming. If you want to stay in your dream you can spin deeper into it. If you wake up you can will yourself back to sleep or spin yourself into and old dream or a new one. You could try smiling to stay in your dream. This may sound like nonsense but that's OK.  Nonsense is the language of dreams. The part of your brain that deals with logic and making sense of things can relax now and watch this other reality where things don't have to make sense and anything is possible. You can watch and wait as you fall asleep and remember any time you see anything bizarre or unusual. This is something interesting that you can take note of and remember when you chose to wake up.

You can watch your hands and how they move when they do things. Your hands may not feel normal. There may be something unusual about them as they do something they usually do. Knobs, dials, buttons, or light switches may also behave differently. You will become alert to these things and practice your plan to remember your dream. Now take a moment to make a survey of your body. How does your body feel right now? Is there any tension or trapped energy anywhere that needs to be released? I want you to take a survey of your entire being right now to see if there is any tension or trapped negative energy anywhere in your mind, body, or spirit that needs to be released to wherever these things go so you can have blissfully wonderful dreams. Wherever you may notice this simply release it an let it go. Give it away to wherever it goes. Notice it for a moment and give it permission to leave. Allow it to let go of any hold it may have on you.  That's right, just notice it and allow it to go. Give yourself permission to let it go. You know it just isn't needed any more.  Give yourself permission to relax completely in every part of your body. Allow every fibre of every muscle to just let go of any tension or anxiety. Anything that might be causing tension or discomfort can just go. You can shift into your most comfortable position now if you would like to or you can just lie the way you are if that is too much effort right now because right now you are allowing yourself to be as lazy as you would like to be. Once you know you are completely comfortable you can stay still in this position while you fall asleep if you are not asleep already. If you feel the urge to move or roll over you can resist this urge now because it would be too much work, and it would wake you up, and right now you just want to go to sleep. To move around now would just wake you up and you are enjoying sinking deeper and deeper into comfortable relaxation and sleep. Allow anything that is causing you tension or discomfort to just go away so you can enjoy this time that you have put aside for yourself to learn something new and wonderful. And at this moment I want you to allow the energy that is peace and love to fill you so you can have the best dreams that you will be able to remember and enjoy when you are awake.

I want you to feel all the good positive energy and emotions as this surrounds you and feel it soaking into your body as a physical feeling. Feel it coming up through the bottom portion of your body as if it were a real warm melting thing filling the lower portion of your body and know with this feeling comes wonderful dreams full of interesting adventures. You can feel this energy, warm and loving, just filling you up, going up into your torso, through the main part of your body, and reaching every point, from your toes to your fingertips, all the way up to the top of your head. Feel this warm, relaxed feeling flooding you with positive energy and emotions. Feel the wonderful strength and warmth as you enter your dreams unafraid. You may feel the sun on your face or the wind in your hair. As you imagine a familiar or favourite dream.

You are in control of your emotions and your feelings. Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are dreaming you will be in control of what happens. As relaxed and comfortable as you are now you can still go many times deeper into this feeling. I am going to count from ten to one as you go deeper and deeper into sleep. You can listen to the sound of my voice and count with me or you can just relax and let your mind drift and wander. You can still go many times deeper into this feeling without concentrating on the sound of my voice if you would just like to relax and enjoy the feeling of going deeper and deeper into a warm comfortable sleep. If you fall completely asleep, that's OK  there will still be a part of your mind that will be able to hear what I am saying so you don't need to worry about whether you are awake or asleep you can just lie there and be as relaxed and comfortable as you would like to be. As I am counting from ten to one you can enjoy becoming more comfortable and more relaxed. You already know you will remember to write your dreams down in your journal or commit them to your waking memory so you don't have to remind yourself to do this right now. You can be very comfortable and if you feel like rolling over you know this is just your body checking to see if your mind is still awake and you can trick it into falling asleep by just staying still and noticing the feelings that come when the body falls asleep. You can still become even more comfortable than you are and as you do it you know nothing needs to bother you right now. Anything that could bother you can go away for now. You can fix it or think about it later. Now is the time to let go of everything and fall asleep.

For a moment you can pay attention to how pleasantly relaxed your toes and then your ankles are. Feel how still your legs and your knees feel and how nice it feels for your legs and your hips to stay so still and so quiet.  Notice how soft your breathing has become. So soft and slow. As you do this you know when you wake up you will remember your dreams. Now you feel your neck and your arms and shoulders so still, quiet, and sleeping. Your elbows and wrists are completely limp and hold no tension.  It feels so good to be in a such a relaxed body while there is still part of your mind awake, alert, and receiving your command to know next time you are dreaming. It will realise you are dreaming. Your subconscious is listening to your command that next time you are dreaming you will realise you are dreaming. You feel all your fingers now and can sense how every one has released all tension and has become wonderfully still and relaxed.

You are doing a very good job of completely relaxing yourself and preparing your mind to lucidly dream for an enjoyable and relaxing adventure. By feeling these muscles, how still and relaxed they are, you have applied the energy of your awareness to them so even when they are sound asleep you can still remain awake and aware of what you are dreaming. Now as you are here, right now, you are feeling how relaxed theses muscles are and feeling the energy of your awareness in them. This awareness of complete relaxation can be a very enjoyable experience. Now it the time to begin counting down even deeper into a trance or into sleep.

Ten, just concentrate on just how relaxed your feet are. Let yourself experience all the muscles in your feet and feel how really comfortable that feels. Let all the muscles in you toes be very loose and limp, very, very relaxed. Perhaps you can still hear my voice or maybe you have drifted off to sleep. You could focus and only hear my voice if you would like but you don't have to listen or follow instructions if you would prefer to just follow your feelings of relaxation deeper into sleep. Whatever feels best to you is the right choice. You could feel a wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure run all the way down from your ankles, past your heels, all the way down into your toes, all the while knowing in your lucid dreams anything you can imagine will be possible.

Nine, Just feel how relaxed your leg muscles, knees, thighs and shins are, You no longer need to worry about your feet. Just let all of the muscles in your legs be very loose and limp, very comfortable and very, very relaxed. So relaxed. Allow you thigh muscles to just lie still and be relaxed. All the muscles in you calves are very loose and this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure runs down your legs, past your knees, and your ankles, all the way down to your toes, relaxed and so very comfortable, as you know the dreams you will be so awake and aware in are perfectly natural experiences to notice, relax into, and enjoy.

Now eight, feel your neck, back, behind, chest, and stomach muscles. Focus on the main part of your body. feel how softly and slowly it breaths. Relax into the natural rhythm of your sleeping breath. Notice how your body knows to set this rhythm for sleep and can continue doing it without any effort or attention on your part. Softly and slowly in it's own natural rhythm with each breath relaxing you deeper and deeper into relaxation and sleep. This is a good feeling as your body naturally relaxes. Allow all the muscles in your neck be really loose. You may still listen to my voice if you want to or you can just let it go and slip away. Notice how your gently rising and falling stomach muscles feel so warn and relaxed  and this wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure melts and flows into your neck than runs down your back, past your chest and your waist, down past your knees,  and past you ankles, all the way down to your toes again. So very very relaxing and comfortable. Knowing to remember your dreams but for now forgetting to remember, remembering to forget. Getting more difficult to remember and easier to forget.

Seven, See your arms, hands, and fingers. See how all the muscles in your fingers are relaxed. Nothing can bother you now as you just keep becoming more comfortable. If anything did happen that really needed your attention you would be able to immediately awaken, feeling alert, and able to do what needs to be done. But nothing like that is happening here right now, so let all the muscles in your arms be as comfortable as any muscles can be. This wonderful wave of relaxing pleasure is coming in from your fingertips and pushing all of the stress and tension out of your body. Washing all the negative energy out of your being. It feels so good to be clean, clear, perfect, and still, inside your entire being. This warm melting feeling flows up your arms, into you neck, flows down your back, into your behind, down your legs, and all the way down into you toes. So very relaxed and comfortable. Remembering your dreams, forgetting to care. Letting go of your thoughts and sinking ever further down into the soft, safe, blackness.

Six, You may feel you are still awake, or you may be asleep. Either way it's all still working. You may feel you are hypnotised or in a trance or you may just feel you are relaxed. Any level of consciousness is just fine right now. You can let go of anything and be very relaxed. Whatever you feel is normal for you and perfectly OK, You don't have to worry  about anything right now. You may feel some unusual sensations these feelings could be gravity gently pushing you into your bed or the feelings you get just before you fall asleep. Whatever you are feeling you don't need to worry about it right now. Even if this is the most relaxed you have ever been aware of being and are not used to this feeling. It's OK to feel it and become accustomed to feeling this relaxed. You can imagine you are floating down on a soft cloud and sink deeper and deeper into this relaxing softness. The farther down you float, the more relaxed you get and the deeper you sink into a sound comfortable sleep. The deeper you go into this feeling the better you feel and the better you feel causes you to float down even more. Always deeper and more relaxed. Always feeling better. Always floating farther and farther down. As you sleep your dreams will get longer and longer, you will be able to stay in your dreams longer and you will be able to wake up after your dreams just long enough to write them down or remember them. You will be able to make the decision to keep your dreams going longer and longer.

Five, Your feet and your legs feel wonderful just the way they are. You feel your breathing is still doing it's job softly and deeply, so relaxed, taking you deeper to sleep with each breath. As you go deeper to sleep you may still be able to hear the sound of my voice or you can let that go and just slip away into the soft welcoming darkness where you can rest and be still until it is the time you have chosen to wake up. Eventually you will be able to recall every dream so you can think about what happened and enjoy your interesting experiences.

Four, You breath and relax, breath and sleep, your neck, back, chest, stomach, and behind feels so good to relax and sleep. Your arms, hands, and fingers feel just fine the way they are. There is no longer any interference from any thoughts trying to distract your attention. Your mind is quietly resting now.

Three, Now you are floating even farther down, ever more relaxed and the deeper to sleep you go the better you are feeling, and right now you are feeling wonderfully peaceful and still. You may wake earlier than you have planned and if you do this is very fortunate. If you wake before you have planned you can use this time to will yourself back into sleep and will yourself back into your dreams. You can use any of your awakenings to spin back into your dreams.

Two, And you will remember everything you would like to remember, When you forget you will remember, and find what you need to remind yourself. It is easy to remember. You try to remember the things you forgot and can make those things easy to find and remember. Breathing and relaxing.You will remember to look for signs you are dreaming and check what is real.

One, I want you to create a mindset, if one does not already exist, where you will be able to be aware of, in control of, and able to remember your dreams. You are making these connections right now. Anything you want to do, conceive  or believe  in your dreams from now on you will accept as natural and good. This will automatically become instinctive within the embodiment of your consciousness and unconsciousness. You will pay very close attention to your dreams and welcome this new world as a new and exciting part of who you are.

Now I want you to build on this internal mindset from the moment you go to sleep and continue right up to the very moment you wake up. You will build an advanced imagination and memory for your dreams so as to include all that you have chosen to dream, create,  and learn about yourself while you are sleeping. I am going to count from five to one. When I get to zero and say good night you will slip into total unconsciousness in this state of mind. You will feel relaxed, and loved. You will feel quiet, peaceful, joy and happiness. simply because you like to feel that way. These feelings will stay with you as you sleep, in your dreams, and these feelings will linger with you in your waking hours. Now it is time to count down to sleep, say good night and leave you to sleep. five, four, three, two, one, zero, goodnight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


*Disclaimer: This is not a rigorous research project carried out by qualified professionals. The information provided is for entertainment purposes only.

4 ASMR information videos.
My own comments are not included nor is the information from them presented below.

Onset: Age of first experience:
16 reported early onset. Less than school aged.
4 reported mid range onset. School aged.
2 reported late onset. Adulthood.
7 people don't know if they have it or not.

Discovery: When did person learn what ASMR was and that it had a name:
3 reported over a year ago.
10 reported less than a year ago.
10 reported while watching the video they were commenting on.

Prevalence: How common do you think ASMR is?
5 people thought no one had it but them.
2 people thought it was rare.
5 people thought some people have it and some people don't.
4 people thought most people have it.
10 people said everyone has it.
1 person doesn't know.

Attitudes: How do you feel about your ASMR?
9 people thought it was cool.
10 people thought it was amazing and loved it.
8 people thought it made them weird.
11 people thought it was interesting.
1 person thought it was best not to try to understand it but to just enjoy it.

Linked Traits: What characteristics are common to people with ASMR?
11 people reported being creative.
16 people reported having synesthesia.
4 people said they did not have synethesia.
5 people reported having mysphonia.
4 people said they had directional difficulties.
4 people reported left/right confusion.
2 people said they had worse than average memory.
1 person reported having a photographic memory.
2 people said they were good at math.
3 people said they suck at math.
1 person said she suffers from severe headaches.

Cause: Why do you have ASMR?
1 person believes it starts as a baby being touched and spoken to softly.
3 people believe it is created by your state of mind.
1 person said it was hereditary.
1 person said it was not hereditary.

Social/Emotional issues:
7 people reported difficulties relating to others.
8 people reported problems with depression and anxiety.
2 people reported seeing depression and anxiety disorders in other people with ASMR.
3 people reported social sanctions when disclosing their ASMR. ( dirty looks and/or insults)
2 people reported distress/confusion about their ASMR.

6 Teachers
1 Unboxing videos.
2 Whispers
1 Painting
1 Mother inspecting work.
12 Soft voices.
2 Textures.
2 Bubble wrap. (1 doesn't need it to pop)
5 Hair
2 Sound of scissors
6 Sound of paper
5 Sound of typing
1 Sound of video game controller.
2 Sound of fingernails.
1 Busy tone.
11 Sound of writing.
2 Massage videos.
2 Show and tell.
3 Watching someone draw.
9 Soft touch. (7 to the back of the neck)
5 Watching methodical tasks. (1 nervous hands)
1 Smells
2 Instructional videos.
1 Boxed crayons.
3 Sound of high heels.
6 Accented speech.
6 Billiard balls.
2 Girl next door.
1 Scratchy sounds.
2 Filling out form about listener/watcher.
1 Softly spoken eye exam.
1 Watching students set a clock.
1 Music
3 My ASMR information videos.
1 Close ups
1 Makeovers.
1 Vacume/ blowdryer.

Other Effects: Other than tingling, relaxation, and joy, what effects does ASMR have on you?
4 Makes me sleepy/drowsy.
4 Stress relief
1 Headache relief
1 Sexual enhancement.
4 This is not sexual.

How Much? How often do you experience ASMR and how intense is your experience?
2 " I only experience ASMR occasionally."
1 "I experience ASMR often"
4 Reported their experience as intense.
1 Reported mild ASMR.
3 Said their ASMR has faded or diminished over time.
4 People reported an extreme relaxation response to ASMR triggers without the tingles.

ASMR Research:
8 Expressed a need for more research.
2 Said they were going to research this themselves.
4 People noted researching ASMR would help us all understand more about the human brain.

Personal Comments:
1 person said he would get back to me when he woke up two and a half months ago.
2 people think my lava lamps are cool.
1 person has a channel called "whisper deeply"
22 people thanked me or said something nice about me. (thank you)
1 person said there is an ASMR group on facebook. (I couldn't find it and hear it is shut down)
3 people said I was not lame and/or funny.
1 person recommended Lita's massage videos.
1 person recommended soundsculptures videos.
1 person doesn't like scientology.
2 people like my cat.
1 person requested a soft spoken sleep hypnosis video. (I have a couple but I'm not sure they are that great)
3 people don't like my daughter's voice.
Lozasmr has asmr videos. 1 is a whispered info vid.
1 person said I rubbed him the wrong way and told me 6 times using aprx. 500 characters per time.

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